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Recent Courses

Leadership and Coaching Skills in Real Estate

Being able to coach your team is a critical skill that also sets you and your agency apart as an employer or leader of choice

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Find an Extra Day Each Week

Most business owners would like more money; every agency Principal would like more time. In this extensive course, we review more than a dozen systems and mindset changes that you can begin implementing to take back control of your schedule … your time … your life. Then download our #RealReach...

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The Business of Property Management

Jo-Anne Oliveri is an international Property Management thought leader, recognised for her decades of expertise in helping real estate business owners (many of whom do not have a PM background and do not want to become a subject matter expert themselves) to profitably and sustainably grow their departmental profit and...

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Get Shit Done in Business

Remember when you started this business, so full of fire and passion to make a dent in the world. What happened? Or how about that conference you went to last year, which loaded you up with some great ideas you were bursting to share with your team. Why haven’t they...

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Support Team Success through Communication and Awareness

Specifically designed for Support Staff (administration, PAs, accounts, and property management), business coach and personal coach Millie Aldridge walks through the key frameworks and practical tips to create more Support Team Success through Communication and Self-Awareness. The lessons in this course are applicable to any role. How can you take...

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Crafting Your Commercial Vision and Strategy

Increasingly, real estate strategy and coaching is helping Principals, salespeople and teams recognise that there's more to life and more to business than money. As business owners we make decisions based on gut feel, not perfect logic, and our team members stay because they're happy as much as they stay...

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Growth through Offshoring

Ever considered growing your business through outsourcing or offshoring some of your administrative or business process tasks? Watch and listen as #RealReach feature expert Aimee Engelmann from real estate offshoring specialists Beepo walks through the pros and cons of implementing this strategy, and explains how exactly you can progress this...

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New Employment Awards and Independent Contractors

Recent changes to Employment law have exposed Principals to a new raft of risk and regulations in regards to employing their team, especially commission-only salespeople that are currently structured as Independent Contractors. In conjunction with some of our industry experts - Paul Forward from RealHR, and Craig Harrison and John...

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Basic Accounting Principles for Principals

Nobody starts a real estate business because they love paying tax and spending time with auditors - yet money is the tool that has the greatest emotional impact on our business, and our financial success ultimately determines whether our business vision succeeds or fails. Nobody knows this better than the...

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One Page Plan – A Simple Strategy Template

Ideas are Worthless; Execution is Priceless. Learn how to use the #RealReach "One Page Plan Strategy Template" to simply turn strategy into implementation. This template (editable and printable versions are included) can be used for any change project in your business, and as such is a cornerstone resource in your...

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