If I Had My Time Again Book Cover

If I Had My Time Again

Australia’s Top Real Estate Principals review their Road to Success

One of the greatest aspects of the real estate industry we all love is the abundance of supportive people willing to share their experience and reach out their hand. But there’s a flipside to that abundance. Sometimes, it’s too much, and especially for new or future Principals it’s hard to know which parts of a model business to replicate, or which past experiences you can still profitably apply.

From this series ‘If I Had My Time Again’, you can take some of the experiences shared and use them to guide your strategic planning, and the execution of your agency to achieve your dreams.

#RealReach Co-Founder Kevin Turner interviews 26 of Australia and New Zealand's leading Principals, and the matching Ebook transcripts include additional commentary from our other founders Jacob Aldridge and John Knight.

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