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Crafting Your Commercial Vision and Strategy

Increasingly, real estate strategy and coaching is helping Principals, salespeople and teams recognise that there's more to life and more to business than money. As business owners we make decisions based on gut feel, not perfect logic, and our team members stay because they're happy as much as they stay for the paycheque - so having the Cultural focus is really important.

But increasingly, especially in Australia which hasn't had a recession for 27 years, I'm seeing this "Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast" philosophy send companies in the wrong direction. This is particularly true if you have ever run a Vision exercise for your business that was solely focused on the Cultural side - Mission, Values, Purpose, Intent and so on. This is just as one-sided as creating a business based on how much money you can make, and it's just as unsustainable.

We want you to build an attraction culture. And we want you to be open about the commercial realities of growing a business, and the commercial outcomes you want to achieve. Indeed, these commercial outcomes are pivotal for designing your overall business strategy.

So we recommend this Course as one of the most important on the #RealReach platform. Growing your business - from wherever you may be today - requires you to outline the vision you want to achieve. In this Course we walk through all 4 Corners of your commercial vision, helping you understand and document Business and Personal, Income and Equity, and then use that information to plan your short and long term strategy.

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