How to Explore Real Reach

Welcome to #RealReach – Online Coaching and Training for real estate Principals who want more ideas and practical solutions to their business struggles.

We know you want to get started – so here are the different ways you can jump straight in.

1. Deep Dive

Know what you’re looking for? Head straight to our "Categories" page and take a deep dive into any or all of the 10 categories modern Principals needs to survive and thrive.

  • People and Culture
  • Brand and Marketing
  • Real Stories from Real Principals
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Strategy and Growth
  • Business Funding
  • Operations and Skills
  • Wealth Creation
  • Succession, Sale and Exit
  • Leveraging Technology

You can also use the site’s Search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for. And if it’s not here yet, chances are one of our experts is working on it – check out the New Content Schedule here or Submit Your Questions here.

2. Follow a Guided Course

Sometimes you want to lead, and sometimes it pays to have the path laid out in front of you. While most of our Guided Course content is also available separately (for you to choose your own adventure), we know the structured, focused courses designed by our expert team can sometimes fast track your plans.

Check out the currently available courses – all free with your membership. And if there’s something else you’d like to see, check out the New Content Schedule or Submit Your Questions to tell us how we can better help you.

Layers of Context

3. Take a Diagnostic

All 12 Brandonian Brand Archetypes

Not sure where to start? Don’t know what you don’t know? That’s really common in business, when sales or property management experts are thrust into all the demands of business ownership.

Our range of business diagnostics are designed to help you identify which areas of your business will deliver the biggest return on your investment of time.

Whether you’re new to being a Principal, or leading an established office or group, there’s a Business Diagnostic to help guide you immediately.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure

Why stop at one Deep Dive, when you can design your own strategic roadmap and work through the priorities in the order you see best.

Struggling with Recruitment right now? Head into the People and Culture category and build your plan. Worried about the impact of that extra growth on your Tax? Hear what our Accounting and Tax experts have to say.

And along your personalised plan, make sure to spend some time exploring Wealth Creation and Succession options. Whether your adventure has two years remaining or you’re just getting started, it pays handsomely to begin with the end in mind.

5. Be Involved

Running Training

It can be lonely at the top of a real estate office, and nobody understands that better than your like-minded colleagues and our small group of industry experts.

Join us at one of our upcoming online or in-person events; or join our private Facebook group (exclusive to current #RealReach members) to ask questions of the group or join in the conversation.

6. Reach Out

Lastly, our experts are here to help – they’re real estate industry specialists, and through #RealReach they also understand how to collaboratively support Principals to achieve their dreams.

Feel free to contact our Experts directly at any time, and let them know you’re a member. If you’re not sure who to speak with, or would appreciate the helicopter view of your business, reach out to Community Manager Jacob Aldridge.