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Support Team Success through Communication and Awareness

Specifically designed for Support Staff (administration, PAs, accounts, and property management), business coach and personal coach Millie Aldridge walks through the key frameworks and practical tips to create more Support Team Success through Communication and Self-Awareness.

The lessons in this course are applicable to any role. How can you take more responsibility? How can you enjoy your work more? How can you manage your own energy - at work and in life - to achieve the outcomes you desire?

We recommend delivering this course to your team through your regular team meetings. Each video runs for between 10-15 minutes, and ends with some questions and discussion points on that specific topic. Download or print Millie's workbook guide to give everyone a copy of the key frameworks and activities.

Put aside 30 minutes each week/fortnight/month to focus specifically on supporting the team that supports your business - they can choose to follow the material in order, or pick-and-choose the topics that seem most valuable.

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